Ksawery Kirklewski

Kciuk & The Fingers – Puszcza

Graphic design of the third album named “Puszcza” (meaning “a forest”) by the band Kciuk & The Fingers – a kaleidoscopic formation that changes its face with every edition. It happens here too, either in music or the form of presentation. The edition is limited to 500 pcs and it contains: 16x16 cm envelope with a perforation opener, CD with 8 tracks on it, 3-wing cover with detailed information and “a gorilla” paper stand. For a print we chose a risographic technique (Riso GR3750), which was made possible thanks to the X-Press Experimental Publishing House (www.wydawnictwo.eksperymentalne.pl). We used two colors (Fluorescent Orange, Hunter Green) and Munken paper (Print Cream 90 gsm for the envelope, Pure 240 gsm for the interior). After printing, the elements were manually cut with a bookbinder’s knife, folded and stuck together. The same fluorescent orange color was used (without underprint) for the CD. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4lzIabsSWWnyKtFdaIR10X?si=Ay6gLntNTVC8Eo7yteUsJg