Ksawery Kirklewski

Algraphies for sale

Algraphies are now for sale in Sztuka Wyboru, Gdańsk. Gdańsk, 15/01/2016

The Day of Mariacka st.

Night projections on the elevation of Drukarnia café. Gdańsk, 28/08/2015

Concert of Kciuk & The Fingers

Background video to the concert of Kciuk & The Fingers. Gdynia, 10/07/2015

Gdynia Design Days

Personal exhibition on Gdynia Design Days Festival. Gdynia, 3-12/07/2015

Traffic Design Festival

Projections on the festival ending party. Gdynia, 27/06/2015

Diploma work

Master’s degree on Academy of Fine Arts Gdańsk. Tricity, 10-12/06/2015

Over 17 000 broadcasts of 15 s. long animations on 170 in-bus screens and 5 LED street screens.

10 projections on various types of buildings (i.e. block of flats, office building, market, church, hotel), max. 8 floors high.

8 works in algraphy, 100x70 cm.

Birthday of Bunkier Club

Projections on Bunkier Club 2nd birthday. Gdańsk, 13/06/2015